Best CSGO Trading Bot Sites for Skins 2021 | Unbiased reviewed

CSGO is currently one of the FPS games with the highest player base in the world. In addition to being highly competitive, the game also has its own economy. Along with this economy, CSGO offers players various trading opportunities. Players can sell or trade their knives, skins, and all other items for a certain price to other players. Also, these trades are most often done with bots. With the rise of CSGO betting sites in recent years, CSGO trading bot sites have also started to gain mass. Since 2019, I have been looking for a reliable best trading site that I can use for CSGO. And I listed the sites I found the best in this article.

CSGO players generally trade on the Steam market or manually with other players. Or, they can exchange their items by selling them through CSGO trading sites. CSGO trading bots have been on the rise lately. Players perform a large number of transactions on these sites safely and quickly. The point you need to pay attention to here is that you are doing the transactions with trading bots, not with humans. In this article, we will be giving detailed information about CSGO best trading bot sites.

CSGO Trading Bot Websites

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Players from Netherlands accepted


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Detailed Information About CSGO Bot Sites

CSGO has brought a huge digital economy as well as many innovations in the gaming industry. CSGO bot trading sites also took their place in this market and started to offer great opportunities to make good profits. Transactions on these sites always rely on trading bots. Bots process transactions through their own Steam account and are set up to perform repeated actions. The price offered by the CSGO bot for your item is usually calculated based on the average value. Also, these bots are ready to trade 24/7.

CSGO trading bot sites have many advantages as well as significant disadvantages. You should know that sometimes if the price of your skin is lower than the price the bot gave you, the bot will never approve this transaction. Because bots always trade for their own benefit. However, scam stories are circulating on some CSGO Trading sites.

How CSGO Trading Bot Sites Work?

There are some important details if you are considering using any CSGO trading bot site. Simply link your Steam Trade URL to the site and select the trade you want to make with the bot. Then you have to choose the item you want from the bot’s inventory. After that, check your Steam account, accept the trade notification and finalize the transaction. We would like to remind you that you can trade in numerous ways at the same time.

If you are a new user, you should conduct your transactions more securely in order not to be defrauded. Before confirming a trade, you should thoroughly check the URL of the bot on the site you are trading to see if it is genuine. Also, if a CSGO trading bot site is making you install Steam or CSGO related extensions, it’s definitely a scam. We strongly recommend that you avoid such sites.

Another important point is that even the best bot CSGO trading sites always charge commissions. These commissions usually range from 5% to 10%. These commissions can be deducted from your balance when you try to withdraw cash. CSGO trading sites work with payment methods such as G2A Pay, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Paypal etc. Commissions generally vary according to these payment methods. At this point, it may be better to work with low commission payment methods.

CSGO Trading Bots Vs Regular P2P Trading Sites

Now we will tell you some important differences between P2P Trading sites and CSGO trading bot sites.

CSGO P2P Trading Sites:

Products are offered for sale by being transferred by users in a certain market place. Thus, your item remains locked in the market until someone buys it.Since transactions are made directly between users, this means high product and price diversity for buyers and sellers.Selling players can follow the fraudsters on the site.

CSGO P2P Trading Sites:

All trading transactions on the sites are managed by bots. Therefore, offers and bargains cannot be made.All transactions are carried out quickly and securely 24/7.CSGO trading sites offer their users multiple trading opportunities.Prices are determined by bots based on the average value.

CSGO trading sites FAQ

When I check my inventory on the site, I can’t see some of my CSGO items. What is the reason of this?

This is one of the rules of Steam. If you have purchased an item in the last 7 days, there is a trade waiting period for a certain period of time. When the trade lock period is over, your items will begin to appear.

Why can’t I get my items in one trade?

If you have chosen to buy more than one item, the other part of the items are in the inventory of other bots. In this case, you will be trading with multiple bots. Because, Steam has a 7-day trade lock.

Is CSGO Trading Sites safe?

Although the answer to this question varies from site to site, we can still say it is reliable. Because all transactions are done through bots. Most CSGO Trading bot sites have tens of thousands of users. Moreover, making transactions with bots prevents major frauds.

How do I protect myself from fraud during trading transactions?

The sites you are using provide you with some information during the trade. You can see the number and steam registration date of the bot you are trading during the trade. You can prevent fraud by checking them in every transfer process. In addition, the domain names of the sites are the second element that you should pay attention to. The address of the site you use constantly may change with a dot or a letter, and you will be defrauded. In order to prevent this, you need to constantly follow the social media accounts of CSGO trading sites.

How can I find out the status of my items?

The items you buy or sell have a general item status. Some situations that may occur are:

Tradable: You can trade these items.

Overstock: You will encounter a warning when more than one product is found in the site accounts. Moreover, there is no specific date for when the swap process will start.

Unavailable: Instability caused by a price fall or rise causes this warning. At the same time, you may encounter this problem as products with extremely low prices are not sold.

Final Words

We have explained to you in detail how you can trade with CSGO Bot trading sites, to the best of our knowledge, and what you should pay attention to. The number of people using CSGO trading sites continues to increase. The reason for this is that players generally prefer to be able to make fast transactions 24/7.

As a result we tried to list and review CSGO trading bot sites for you. If you have questions about CSGO trading bot sites, you can contact us. We will continue to provide you with all kinds of important information that you can use in CSGO item trading.

Other CSGO Bot Trading sites worth mentioning

CSGOTrades is a website where players can buy, sell and trade CSGO skins. What makes CSGOTrades unique is that it combines CSGO trading bots with the CSGO Skin market. Furthermore, with an 8 percent commission fee, it stays one step ahead of competing sites. With trading bots, you can instantly trade your items, or you can bid on items sold by other players and buy them. In the market section, there are graphs where you can see the increase or decrease in the price of the items listed by the players according to the market. Design and interface are very useful in this respect.

Payment Methods: The biggest feature of is that it receives payments with many cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Doge, Ethereum and Litecoin. Also, you can use in Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay.

Legality and Security: CSGOTrades is a legally established company in Germany. You can also transparently view the inventories of the bots you will trade. Finally, your payment methods are secure thanks to the SSL security certificate used on the website.

Support: CSGOTrades offers the most classic support. You can access the ticket section by clicking the Support Menu at the top right of their site. You can get a response to the tickets you open between 12 and 24 hours.


CS.Trade is a multi-game site where users mainly sell or trade CSGO skins, boxes and other items. Although their inventory is not very developed according to some sites, they have enough stock in most games. The most important feature of CS.Trade is that its bots trade with very low priced items like 50 cents. The basic trading fee you make for CSGO skins is 10%. In addition, CS.Trade serves not only CSGO, but also games such as Dota 2, Rust, TF2. After registering, you can get a 1% bonus on your first transactions by using promotional codes. In addition, adding the site name to your Steam username will reduce your commission payments by 2%. If you want to make more profit, you can make high profits by using the reference system. You will receive 10% commission per transaction from each user you invite.

Is Cs.Trade Legal?: CS.Trade has been in the industry for 2 years. They have made more than 1 million successful trades since their opening. At the same time, they are active in Facebook and Twitter, especially in Reddit communities.

CS.Trade Making Profit: If you want to profit from the CS.Trade site, you need to sign up for the “Affiliate” program. As a result of your recommendation, you will receive a 10% bonus from every transaction made by each user who is a member of the site. In addition, you should not miss bonuses and gifts by following their social media accounts regularly.


It is a CSGO bot trading site where users can buy, sell and trade skins in their own marketplace. contains 4 games, these are CSGO, Rust, Dota2 and TF2. You can do your transitions entirely through bots. You can easily find any item you are looking for or you can easily exchange it 24/7. There is a 5% sales commission on all transactions. Swap.GG is one of the sites with the most user-friendly interface among CSGO trading bot sites. The system is managed entirely by bots, bots are used in all trading transactions. There is a 7-day restriction after skins are traded.

Technical support: When you need technical support, they have a response time of 30 minutes to 1 hour. Customer support is online 24/7. Users can get support from “” address or from their Twitter accounts.

Payment Methods: The minimum deposit amount is $10. In addition, various payment methods such as Credit card, iDeal, Bancontact, Giropay, Alipay are used.

Legality: is a CSGO trading site whitelisted by the CSGO trading community on Reddit. This subreddit has its own rules. Moderators will whitelist the site if all conditions are met. Therefore, is used with peace of mind for users.


SkinCashier is a trading site where players can instantly cash out their CSGO skins or skins from other games on Steam. You will no longer have to wait for hours or even days for your Skins to be sold. SkinCashier will instantly buy your items and skins through bots and make your payment. In addition, a special verification code is sent with the bots for every trade you make for security reasons. After confirming this code, it is important for your own safety to do every action.

Reputation: When we check the Trustpilot reviews, we can see that 76% of people describe SkinCashier as excellent. You can clearly read people’s comments on their own experiences here.

Is it safe?: Security is the most important thing you look for when selling your skins or depositing money on the site. SkinCashier uses an SSL encryption certificate on its website. Thanks to this encryption protocol, all your information, namely your credit card and passwords are protected. They also have a fraud monitoring tool that works 24/7 on their site.

Payment Methods: In deposit and withdrawal options; Paypal, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Yandex Money, AdvCASH and QiWi are used.

Technical Support: SkinCashier offers a live support service that is not available on most CSGO trading sites. You can solve the problems you are experiencing within a few minutes by connecting to live support. We can easily say that it has the best customer experience and support in the industry.


BitSkins is one of the first CSGO skin trading sites in the industry. Although they are one of the old sites, they satisfy their customers in terms of design and interface. They have been providing uninterrupted service since 2015. Bitskins only trades items from CSGO, Rust, and TF2. You can do your transactions via bots. You can make it safer for yourself by checking the inventory of the bot assigned to you for shopping.

Legality: BitSkins, like many other sites, aims to protect its customers with an SSL certificate. It also benefits from Cloudflare protection to prevent customers from being affected by DDoS attacks to the site. If you still have questions, you can also get an idea by reading the comments of the players published on Trustpilot.

Payment Methods: BitSkins uses Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, G2A Pay, Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment options.

Customer Service: To mention, BitSkins is quite advanced in customer service. While there was no live support on the site in the past, there is now a live chat feature that provides 24/7 service. If you want, you can reach them from their e-mail addresses as well as get support by tagging their Twitter accounts.

Author: Tyler Thompson