Best DFS Tools 2021 – Fantasy Lineup Optimizers & Builder Comparison

Best DFS Fantasy Sports Tools

FantasyCruncher - football lineup builder, fantasy premier league lineup optimizer

Considered perhaps one of the best sites for Fantasy Sports betting data and research. Fantasy Lineup is the tool most used by betting lovers when it comes to it. They offer support in almost all sports branches. Be it NBA lineup or fantasy premier league lineup optimizer.

It is also extremely simple to use and user-friendly. You can optimize it in any style you want. Its weekly payment is $9.95. You can start using a monthly fee of $29.95. The main advantages of paid membership are as follows.

Discord Premium Chat AccessLineup Cruncher Access (Limited to 20 lineups per crunch)Access to Lineup Rewind with user saved data

They also have a subscription called Fantasy Cruncher Pro where they offer a variety of tools. Its features are as follows;

Everything in FC Premium Plus the followingAccess to Lineup StudyProjected Ownerships from AwesemoAdditional Software Enhancements to Lineup Cruncher

If you want to get more detailed information about FC PRO, keep reading.


NBA Optimizer DFS tool

The number one website for a wide variety of reports on Fantasy Sports betting. Furthermore, that includes statistics, odds, writer predictions, red zone, ADP, IDP, and more. If you are looking for an NBA Optimizer DFS tool, you’re in the right place.

There is also a 3-day free trial version. By using the trial version, you can remove the question marks in your mind. Finally, we would like to state that Fantasydata is considered the best DFS optimizer for betting lovers. Not only in the NBA but also in football, NFL, and NHL-style sports.

It offers professional DFS tools that can help you create better lineups so quickly. They present themselves as nerd analysts. They can produce optimized sequences using advanced algorithms. In particular, you can access tools such as Fantasy NBA build comparison.

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They help you identify the best players by bringing together many statistics and performances that would normally take you hours alone. In addition to their free services, they have 3 premium subscriptions.

It is available in a 7-day trial version for each subscription. DailyFantasynerd may be a good choice when you consider the 7-day test phase.


Fantasy golf club

Are you looking for a very special sport from fantasy sports? For example, golf? Then this tool is for you. It is a private golf club for fantasy golfers.

They offer various supports such as array creation, simulator, ownership calculations, custom model, betting tools.

Unlike other tools, the price is a bit expensive. It has a weekly fee of $10, a monthly fee of $30, and a yearly fee of $250.

Best DFS Optimizer tools

Among the best DFS optimizer tools, we can say that it is one of the cheapest tools. It is a very valuable tool for users who are looking for an affordable price. And an advanced system that wants fantasy sports help.

NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL news, team assistant, lineups, league analyzer, statistics, and more… All for as little as $2.99 per month.


quality football lineup builder

Do you ask yourself the following questions? How to make fantasy football projections? How to create a quality football lineup builder? I think the best answer to these questions would be Awesemo.

It serves in almost all fantasy sports branches, including esports. Awesemo includes many features. Such as; Lineup builders for NBA, Football, MMA, Nascar, Esports, including projects, rankings ownership projections.

If you intend to become a pro DFS player, Awesemo will be your best guide. In addition to packages, you can get Fantasy Cruncher by paying.

They are also very confident that they are the best in the industry. This may be a requirement for you if you want to be a good DFS player.


NBA, MLB, and NFL optimizer tool

JMToWin’s expanded NBA, MLB, and NFL optimizer tool. Such as; comprehensive analysis of the matches happening each week, game-specific pages, visual aids, strategy notes, detailed pricing analysis. It is also free.


best DFS tools lineup

This tool offers you the latest breaking news on the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB. Moreover, players’ statuses, projections, and the best DFS tools lineup for free.


DFS tool

In order to adapt to fantasy sports, which is one of the competitive environments, you can have features such as sports betting analysis, algorithmic choices, daily fantasy lineup generators, daily fantasy matchup heat maps, by paying $ 9.99 per month.

There is also a 7-day free trial. But it still asks for your credit card information during this trial. It supports almost all fantasy sports. They cover news on a large scale on their website.


Premium DFS tools are for creating and testing DFS models, analyzing trends. Likewise, they provide real-time sports data for daily fantasy basketball, football and baseball sports.

As a result, the conclusions on DFS become purely data-driven. Fantasylabs is available for a fee, but you can use it for a short trial.

You can find special topics such as; fantasy lineup builder, player models, lineup optimizer, premium content, trends in FantasyLabs Pro feature. You can see the Premium features of Fantasylabs in more detail in the photo below.


One of the best DFS tools

Again, we are examining the tool that serves with a paid membership. Lineuplab provides its users with consistent results using the best DFS optimizer.

Like other tools, this tool provides support for almost all fantasy sports. The fees are $29.95 per month and $199.95 per year.


DFS tools with monthly subscription

One article is published every day for subscribers, prepared with revolutionary tools. You will be able to learn weekly predictions, predictions. That will give an advantage, and winning strategies. Monthly subscription price is $19.99.


Free DFS Optimizer tool

It is a tool that provides free optimizer services in every fantasy sports branch. You can create your team with NBA lineups RotoWire for free. Moreover, you can review detailed statistics and performances about teams, players.

For instance, you can access this information weekly or seasonally from the projections section. As the best DFS optimizer, Rotowire is very popular among betting lovers.


This tool provides insider information with the best Vegas experts and ex-bookies to give users NBA, Golf, NFL, NHL tactics. Dominate fantasy tournaments with advice from proven experts and winning DFS selections.


It is a website that offers free premium content every week. They have tools packed with player predictions, free lineups, DFS alerts, and various premium content.

Also, they share daily weekly tools for some Fantasy Sports. They are related to Statistical Projections and Player Projections.


You have unlimited access to the most accurate rankings and predictions, statistics, access to specially written articles, lineups creator, gpp staffs, floor & Ceiling Projections, and dozens of articles written on DFS.

You can subscribe to many more DFS tools and reports for $89 per year.

We are here with a tool specialized in providing the football lineup builder you need for NFL. With various tools such as Lineup Optimizer, Ownership Projections, you can get one step ahead of your competitors by analyzing season by season.

Author: Tyler Thompson