PGL Major Krakow 2017 Betting Tips: Day Two


Day one of the PGL Major is done and dusted, and the results went our way. Gambit started the show by brushing aside Mousesports, Cloud9 nullified North and Vega did not trouble the scoreboard against Virtus Pro. Astralis found things a little bit more difficult against Immortals but came out on top, whilst the biggest shock was BIG’s victory over FaZe. The main talking point was G2’s decision to return to the randomiser but after a very shaky start they eventually struggled over the line against Natus Vincere. Na’Vi shocked G2 by not vetoing Nuke and the French side tossed a coin to decide to play Overpass.

CSGO Betting brings you our PGL Major Krakow 2017 Betting Tips for day two. There’ll be another eight matches taking place, with the respective winners and losers going up against each other. No-one will go home just yet, but it will set the scene for what is likely to come in the quarter finals.

Flipsid3 (19/5, 3.80 138Bet) vs Natus Vincere (3/10, 1.30 Marathonbet)
Flipsid3 are more willing to play Cache than Na’Vi are, so that will earn them an early edge in the veto process. Flipsid3 will remove Train and from there it is a difficult veto to forecast. Regardless, given that Flipsid3 are able to play any map in the pool, they should end up somewhere that suits them. Neither side likes Cobble, and generally the veto phase should end up pleasing the underdogs. As such, backing Flipsid3 to get the 11 rounds needed to cover the handicap is of interest. Na’Vi were clueless on Overpass T-side yesterday and under Denis “seized” Kostin’s leadership they cannot be trusted to rack up a one-sided T-half required for heavy handicap victories. Flipsid3 were not impressive against Fnatic, having multiple chances to seize control of that matchup against a team we perceive as weaker than most people do but Flipsid3 could not capitalise. However, we aren’t looking for them to win the match, purely to rack up eleven rounds.

Immortals (1/3, 1.33 Marathonbet) vs Vega Squadron (27/10, 3.70 GG Bet)
This is a straightforward veto: Immortals will remove their two weakest maps, Cache and Train. Vega will remove their two weakest maps, Cobble and Overpass. From there, neither team really wants to play Inferno or Mirage so it should end up on Cache. Simply, Vega were dreadful against Virtus Pro yesterday and even worse showed no indication that they know how to pick/ban effectively. They are the weakest team at the event and are not at a sufficient level to compete. Immortals ran Astralis very close on Overpass and this should be a comfortable victory for them. They should cover the -4.5 handicap with relative ease.

BIG (83/50, 2.68 Marathonbet) vs Cloud9 (57/100, 1.57 Unikrn)
Unikrn go top price about their part-owned team’s opponent here and as such they are the bookmaker that has overrated BIG’s victory over FaZe the most. This fixture should also end up on Cache. Cloud9 have played more Nuke than BIG so the Germans will have to remove that. They will also ban Cloud9’s best map, Mirage, where they beat North yesterday. The Americans will be confident going into this match and as such will remove their next three weakest maps after Nuke: Overpass, Inferno and Cobble. BIG’s relative form is better on Cache than Train, so they will plump for that. Ultimately, it will not be enough. Cloud9 are a class above BIG and whilst the scoreline should be respectable, Cloud9 are overpriced and the handicap provides even more value.

Gambit (169/100, 2.69 GG Bet) vs G2 (12/25, 1.48 Unikrn)
G2 will have to ban Mirage, a map Gambit do not play, but Gambit will have to ban their next weakest map, Cache, which isn’t favoured by G2, and Nuke, a map Gambit do like but where G2 are probably the best team in the world. It gets worse for Gambit: their strongest map, Train, is also an auto-ban for G2. G2’s third ban will be Inferno, which leaves Cobblestone or Overpass. Gambit rarely play Overpass so they will have to go for Cobblestone, where G2 are formidable. Gambit have gone off the boil on Cobble when earlier in the year they could compete with anyone on it. G2 are on a better all-round level and the veto is in their favour, so they again should cover the handicap.

SK (4/6, 1.67 GG Bet) vs Astralis (32/25, 2.28 Marathonbet)
Undoubtedly this is the match of the day, with the two pre-tournament favourites facing on day two. It’s a game best left alone for betting purposes though. Whilst the veto should benefit Astralis, SK are a stronger side and the odds are correct. SK will remove Nuke, Train, and probably Overpass. Astralis will ban Cobble, Cache, and probably Mirage. This makes Inferno the most likely outcome and whilst SK seem vulnerable on it, as seen yesterday against PENTA, Astralis’ form on the map is mediocre. Marcelo “coldzera” David carried SK past PENTA and his teammates will need to step up today. Astralis lost to SK on Inferno when the teams last met so anything could happen in this match.

Virtus Pro (27/20, 2.35 Unikrn) vs Fnatic (7/10, 1.70 Marathonbet)
This match will likely end up on Fnatic’s favourite map, Mirage. Virtus Pro will also be happy with the map, as they will avoid their three weakest maps, Cache, Overpass and Inferno. There’s no chance Nuke is played and Cobble and Train are also unlikely. At the prices, it could pay to side with the Poles as Fnatic are a team we feel are overrated. Not much can be taken from a win over Vega Squadron, and VP’s form is very shaky but they looked composed yesterday, whilst Fnatic were poor against Flipsid3. They gave away too many chances and lost too many advantageous situations. If they make the same mistakes in this match, Virtus will be victorious.

PGL Major Krakow 2017 Day Two Betting Tips:
Flipsid3 +5.5 rounds vs Na’Vi with 138 at 81/100 (1.81)
Immortals -4.5 rounds vs Vega Squadron with 138 at 17/20 (1.87)
Cloud9 -3.5 vs BIG with Mr Green at EVENS (2.00)
G2 -3.5 vs Gambit with Marathonbet at 24/25 (1.96)
VP to beat Fnatic with Unikrn at 27/20 (2.35)

Author: Tyler Thompson